Implementing commercialized and systematic growth for our clients
Doubling customer retention
Doubling down on lookalike personas
Tripling customer lifetime value
Developing new markets
We use unique custom built research tools to develop your competitive edge
Making research based business development accessible and affordable since 2015

Our commercialization models and matrices are specifically designed to further develop existing business relationships, mirror new buying groups and activate additional new segments.

The 360 Wheel of Commercialization is developed to better customer retention and customer lifetime value, develop mirror audiences and engage new segments, markets, and industries.

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How we together can access the global market as a top tier provider

Top tier clients are the largest clients and subsequently contracts around. Large business entities are prohibited by regulations and often stakeholder reputation to purchase services that are not compliant with local, national, and international regulations. There is fare to many hopes for a singular small to a midcap provider to jump trough to adhere to these regulations.
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How collaboration can increase customer lifetime value for your entire region

Customer Lifetime Value is the expected total value of each of your visitors. Join our webinar where we walk you through our proposal on how we together can; increase customer retention for your members. Increase customer lifetime valuation for your region. Find and attract more members to your organization. And still, be compliant with ISO 14001.
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How to be environmentally compliant, without buying or applying for 450 certifications

Environmentally compliant equals; everything from equality to carbon footprint and anything between. This Livestream event is an introduction to the la Guiàverde and how LFCG is working with major NGOs to develop business models for growth aligned with the need to help make the world a better place. The different levels of la Guiàverde. How to access the different levels of La Guià Verde and how to use La Guiàverde in day to day marketing. How to register for La Guiàverde.
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