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We are connected to Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. This means that our services are available in almost 900 cities across 120 countries.

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Where Sustainable Growth Begins

About us

Our mission and vision is strictly speaking of no interest for any other than L&F CG stakeholders. But we do hold some virtues which we live by that can be helpful in clarifying which expectations you can have towards any member of our organization.


We know our trade to the extent that we can find a way around any obstacle that arises


All our profesionales has a unique talent in relation to the service they provide trough L&F CG.m Talent is an x- factor in the production which allows L&F CG as an organization to expect a little more and a little better than from anyone else

Implementation/push through

We will always deliver accordingly to eo expectations, what has been promised and what is possible.


God or bad, any deviation from terms, progres or such. Will be communicated in such a way and time that alternative measurements can be implemented.   


We will dress, act and behave accordingly to any reasonable expectation any of our stakeholders might have for us

Jamie Lane Carter

Psychologist/- Senior Advisor

Jamie Lane Carter is a psychologist and a medical professional working as counselor/advisor for several managers throughout the Real estate industry. Although based in New York Jamie has clients all over the world and are often called upon to participate in high pressure situations such as mergers, take overs or complicated M&A. Jamie works in the family business Carter & Carter Ltd.

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Stakeholder and investor relations

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We will try to do a running update on our day to day operations. Particularly focusing on new projects, new services and new markets

Our expectations for 2019 

Goals, growth and potential for L&F CG, L&F research and development, L&F education, L&F empowerment, L&F accelerator and L&F Venture

What happened in 2018

Company details, how we conduct our business, first, second, third and fourth quarter. L&F CG, Research, education, empowerment, accelerator, venture, exchange and loyalty. Financial statement and expected development. Working environment, equality, sustainability and opportunities.