Negotiating and closing deals

This course, negotiating and closing is a personalized guide on how to prospect, how to monitor, what to monitor, how to engage, how to develop a personal relationship, how to develop a personalized playbook, how to present your case, how to negotiate, how to develop the customer relationship and how to grow loyalty. From finding to closing your leads. 

The course simultaneously offers in-depth knowledge on several different relevant techniques, such as but not limited to; telephone, email, meetings, presentations, negotiation, understanding and developing urgency, and how to conduct interviews. There is also a separate module with nutritional diets, working out regimes, mindfulness, and coaching. 

If you choose to participate as a specialist for L&F CG Research and development you’re immediately enrolled in our L&F CG Academy and can start your education at will. The course is developed from several modules and each module consists of a compendium, video tutorials, and a set of practical tasks. To unlock the next module, the practical tasks in the current module must be finished off. As of right now, there are 6 modules.

The course is developed together with L&F CG Research and development to make sure their specialists are as prepared as they can be and to ensure they have access to every tool they need to help them succeed. Every module is developed with experts and specialists from their field and techniques.

The course is constantly developing and adapting to new theories, techniques, and technologies. So, to ensure key personnel always can go back and refresh or discover new knowledge.

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