Boutique Hotel Franchise – Oslo

Developing another LFCG venture. This time a boutique hotell in beautiful Norway

Key Information


Develop a Boutique Hotel in Oslo for the CM Boutique franchise

Project type:

Joint Venture

Total investment:

€ 1.500.000,-

Minimum investment:

€ 15.000,-

Start date:

1 November, 2020

Goal date:

1 October, 2022

Country of origin:


Association with LFCG:


Introduction to the project

Why we want to develop a boutique hotel in Oslo
Destination tourism is on the rise throughout the world. Destination tourism is in fact the fastest growing niche in the largest industry in the world. The travel, leisure and tourism industry is furthermore outpacing the every other global industry with an annual growth rate of more than 4% 

The thing is that people want to travel and experience food, culture, history, famous sites, architecture, museums and whatever the destination can offer. And as of right now there are no hotels in Oslo who provide the destination experience. That’s not to say that there are not  several beautiful hotels in Oslo. There are many, Oslo is a great city for hotels. There just aren’t any one serving  the destination experience niche. 

What we want the boutique hotell to be like
“We wanted to create a hotel experience that provides our guests with the essence of Oslo. From the culture aspect, the architecture, the food, the history and the people. We wanted a destination able to incorporate every trait and attribute that defined Oslo, so that our guests can come to us and know they are experiencing Oslo, past, present and the future. Whilst being sustainable and compliant with SDG 2030 and making a healthy profit”  

Some difficulties we encountered
Sustainable and profitable has in the past been seen as incompatible in the travel, leisure and tourism industry. Joining a smaller brand in a city where 95% of the hotels are part of international and global hotel chains, is challenging on the best of days. Finding and defining which traits and attributes to incorporate to develop the multi sensory experience a destination experience consists of, is a monumental task. Then to align the experience to customer needs just adds to challenges

But we had an epiphany; as long as we make money, every other problem is just a great solution waiting to be discovered.

So we made a plan 
Finding the traits and attributes we wanted to incorporate were difficult but more than anything great fun. We had several scholars contributing their knowledge on Oslos history and thus what defines Oslo´s development on its own but also as capital and the city’s role in European history. The architecture has seen several epochs and we were lucky enough to find more than one architect willing to share their knowledge. We found really old cookbooks and some quite modern ones as well. Famous battles, peoples and happenings is an abundant source of inspiration.

A challenge that almost derailed the entire project
We found it challenging to decide what information to use and how to use to make sure that the story we developed where both true to Oslo and that the history was coherent. 

So where are we at today
Today we have a plan for a hotel, a destination experience who captures the essence of Oslo. From the design of the hotel as a multi sensory and multimedia experience where history, food, smells, visuals, sounds and architecture are built in layers throughout the destination. On top of that we have developed multimedia and multi sensory tours and activities throughout the city which correlates perfectly with the experiences we will provide them at the hotel. We have designed different stays for different wants, meaning a guest can have and find the experience of Oslo they want. Furthermore the Oslo Boutique destination experience is constantly evolving to make sure guests always will find something new on their return. 

The bonus we had developing this project was how much we learnt about the city. Oslo actually has some really interesting history. And the food scene is developing quite rapidly. On top of that there were obviously the vikings but also a few quite impressive artists and writers, Munch and Ibsen amongst them. 

The Oslo Boutique Hotel, the destination experience will be quite sensational and we really look forward to developing it. And if you want to see, learn more about the project, feel free to order our proposal. 

Why the project will succeed

The CM Boutique brand has developed its business models by focusing on creating long term business growth and thus value for its participants. 

The brand and its franchises access to L&F CG administration, L&F CG project management, L&F CG administration, L&F CG management consulting, L&F CG Commercialization, L&F CG Econ, L&F CG Finance, L&F CG HR and L&F CG Legal. Ensures that every operational business model utilized in the CM organization is on the vanguard of every technology, theory and technique. 

Furthermore CM Boutique will comply with every guideline and test produced by business of the year to ensure the brand and subsequently the franchise are  developing its industrial competence and developing liaisons to every potential important client out there by understanding their specific needs.   

To make sure that each of these potential clients develops a panache for the Oslo Boutique hotell, we are always 100% compliant to the guidelines provided by La guiáverde. In short these are guidelines on how to comply and make a profit on SDG 2030.

CM Boutique provides business models and partners for every part of the project. That means from leasing off the property and development of the hotell and all the way to client databases. CM Boutique hotels will actually provide business models and partners that subsequently makes every franchise associated with the brand worth 1,2-1,5 more, just by signing the contract. 

Finally every project presented from L&F CG Accelerator and venture has been presented to every stakeholder in the L&F CG sphere and are launching with enough master agreements on future sales to know the project are in the black as long as we dont deviate from the plan. And since the plan is developed and executed by the L&F CG companies, the plan will work.   

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