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Learn whats possible or best practise at the commercialized estate agency of the year award

The commercialized estate agency of the year award is half-and-half guidelines for best practice in services L&F CG provide and endgame marketing scheme directed at the nominee’s clientele. The best practice part is the criteria and guidelines developed by our specialists. Any company in our industry, market, or segment can be nominated. Once nominated, a company’s business activities will be assessed against an industry, market, or segment benchmark. Afterward, the company will receive marketing material confirming their score and position. Unless they come top 3, their scorer will say top 10, 50, or 100. It will be a positive angle, either way. If the nominee chooses, Business Of The Year can also provide an assessment on potential increase in market value due to the expected effect of the nominees in house activities. The criteria and benchmark are assessed and developed once a year.

The Business Of The Year guidelines is a tool for the management of a company to test themselves against its competitors. By answering our questions, the nominee gets to see 1) where they are top of line, 2) where they are average, 3) where they are below average. Providing the management team with input on how they fare compared to market leader niche specialists, market average, and other competitors. Every nominee is compared based on their nomination, which can be local, regional, national, or international.

The way the Business Of The Year works is elementary. Someone must nominate the company, or the company can do themselves. The company would be nominated in an industry, a market, or in a segment of a market. Furthermore, the company would be nominated as a local, regional, national, or international entity. As soon as the company is nominated, the company will receive marketing material confirming their nomination and category and a survey. Then within 10-15 working days, the nominee will receive the formal Business Of The Year assessment where they can see how they fare compared to best practice and market average. Simultaneously, they will receive new Business Of The Year marketing material, focusing on their strengths and the company’s best sides.

“The Business Of The Year assessment will show a nominee where its competitors are bettering them. It will tell them where the nominee has weaknesses about to be exploited by competitors. The Business Of The Year award will also show the nominee’s strengths and how they can utilize those strengths to gain market shares. Moreover, the nominee gets a third-party operator telling the world how good they are and marketing material to prove it” 

From the time of the nomination it takes about 5 business days before the survey and the marketing material is on its way. As soon as the survey is returned it takes about 20 business days before the assessment and the upgraded marketing material is in the hands of the company.

There are hundreds and thousands of awards. In general, what they have in common is that they are owned by some NGO, and awards are handed out to members. Business Of The Year doesn’t work like that; anyone can be nominated, and will be assessed and receive their confirmations and marketing material regardless of anything but their operations.


Business Of The Year is free. There are no obligations or expectations related to it. This is a service L&F CG provides its industries, markets, and segments to ensure their vitality, growth, and survival.

A Business Of The Year award can’t be bought, any participant must be nominated. The nomination is open to anyone. The awards are done consecutively and updated every year. Every company that is nominated will be treated with the utmost respect and gratitude.

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