Related experience; Customer retention is difficult in tourism

Customer retention isn’t more difficult in traveling and tourism than in other industries. On the contrary, in tourism, you are provided with an exceptional opportunity to attach emotions to every part of the customer experience thus creating a strong emotional bond on a personal as well as professional level. 

The most common rebuttals we encounter are usually related to;

  • We can not do it alone, we are a small operator on a large destination.
  • We do not have the resources to work in such close proximity to our clients.
  • We can’t do the investment for everyone.

All fair arguments. However, being a small operator on a significant destination is beside the point. These are your clients; you must make sure they come back; this is your responsibility. 

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If you spend any resources at all on marketing or sales, this is where these resources need to be. It is here you increase sales, doubling profitability, and bettering customer lifetime valuation. You are not making the investment in customer experience for the collective greater good; you are investing in you, your company, and your employees.  

For every business process, a company must need or have to do it. There is a hierarchy on which the company is excellent, good, average, bad, and extremely bad. 10-20% are great and good. 80-90% is average to bad. Successful companies are never average to bad in the long run. 

Working in an office

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