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A fixed price service for real estate companies

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Listing and Underwriting

For most companies processes and explanations related to “listing/underwriting” could just as easily have been referred to as “Latin or greek.” However, it is “the” easiest route to become a big game player. When you are listed, your are tradable meaning your stock is liquid meaning every company is allowed to invest in you. 

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VAT Registrations & Value Optimization

When entering a new market, whether that is across borders or into a new segment. There is always a different set of requirements that needs to be met. Also, failing to do so, leave your competition on the front foot in relation to you. You can, in some instances, even break the law if you miss these requirements. 

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To build a company or to grow a company or to enter new markets, you are going to need resources. Soft money can in many situations be the “brunt” of it, but you will, at some point, need hard cash as well. There is money that is good for you, and there is money that is bad for you.

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Share Issuing

There are so many ways to do a successful share issue depending on what your goals are. However, if you don't use one of the expected recipes, the likeliness of success is almost non-existent. First and foremost because you deviate from the expectation investors have and thus creating uncertainty and everyone taking one step back. 

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Investor Relation Development

If your corporate finance process is something like; I will do it when iI need it. The chances are that it will be too late for the deals you want and more a set up for deals you must do to stay in the game. This is probably one of the biggest obstacles moving from midcap to large company/institution.

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Merger & Acquisition

The creation of organic growth is our secret sauce. However, sometimes, more than not actually, merger and/or acquisitions are an essential part of any company growth. M&A is difficult because there is som many parameters on how to measure the success of the operation. 

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Public Funding

In real estate the competition is fierce, it is brutal. Due to the money that can be lost or won in one contract, every little competitive edge is essential. One of those edges is public funding, tax credits, to name a few.