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Showing the world what we can achieve when working in tandem



We want to produce an absolute feel-good tv series. We want to help rebuild a small county plighted with people moving away and a rocketing unemployment scale. We will save this county by bringing in real estate professionals, several of them, working together to help the county by developing real estate, creating jobs and a new drive for the entire area. We will follow our collaborating partners and see their strives to make this happen. We will follow the local politicians and their day to day life to make this happen. And we will follow some of the local inhabitants and their day to day life as the county finally moves in the right direction. 



Total investment: € 100 000,-

Minimum investment: € 10 000,- 

Requirements for participation: Associated with LFCG  

Start date: 1. November 2019  

Project type: Joint venture 

Goal: Agreement with a major TV network within 2020

Country of origin: GBR  

Complexity: Easy 

Level: Beginner 

Necessity: Nice to have



Easy - Basic understanding

Medium - Undergraduate understanding

Complex - Working understanding


Must have | Need to have | Nice to have



Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Soft money: Effort

Hard money: Equity


Opportunities and needs

The potential and opportunities we have identified are; being associated with feel-good factors, and showing the “world” what your company actually can contribute, given the right circumstances is in marketing terms absolutely priceless. Borderline “money can't buy it”


Summarizing the needs that must be met, or solved, we need collaborators that sees this project first and foremost as a gigantic marketing opportunity. And realizes that unless the concept is sold on to other markets, there is no money except for branding, PR, and goodwill.


Premiss for all growth

L&F CG then designed and constructed a project able to move our clients out of the bottom 10-20 percentile of the market. 

The premiss for the project was our ability to construct in such a way that any company, regardless of size and resources, could be a part of it.

The service is divided into three parts:
Part 1 - analyzing your company.
Part 2 -  workshop with our service partners.

Part 3 - an action plan that takes your company from where you are today and to where you want to be.  


Identify, assess and compare

L&F CG’s projects are always based on the latest and most cutting edge research, we have our preferred journals, coincidentally our list is identical with the list annually published by the financial times. 

Our Tv- project derives from this research. Our material has been assessed and compared to technological trends, sustainability, the green shift, legislative challenges, and political trends both local, national and international. With these variables, an assessment was written too identified opportunities and needs in today's marketplace.      


Ridgid test process

To ensure the validity of our projects, L&F CG has a rigorous testing process where all the separate elements in the project are tried and tried again to see whether they work on their own or together.  

We have presented the project to a few partners, counties and production companies and are quite confident it is doable. Together with these partners we develop and added features to complete the project.



Market development over the past 8 years

With today's available technology and companies' ability to implement technology, we expect market development to look like this in the next 4-5 years.


At L&F CG we pride ourselves in building services streamlined for creating sustainable business growth.


Our MO (modus operandi) is developing business models that can be implemented in any business within our core markets.

These models come with a basic “plug and play” and easy to use implementation, while at the same time educating our clients in usage and optimization of the service at hand. 


What do we need to improve on?

We need to know where you are at today. Information on how you are organized, what and which resources that are available, your plans, your working processes/routines, activities, data systems, and your ambitions. 

We then insert this information into our modules to build/construct a “roadmap” from where you are today, where you want to go, and a realistic timeline for that to happen.


The rubber meets the asphalt

We will, together with you, our client, set a date for a workshop where all the people that need to understand the topic, and the roadmap are present.

In this workshop, we will highlight the differences between what you do today and what you need to be doing in addition or instead — explaining why that is, and how it should be done in the process. 


A concrete plan for success

After the workshop, we will present you with an action plan on everything that needs to be done and implemented to reach your goals and ambitions.

This action plan includes processes, routines, activities, usage of resources and manuals. It is adjusted to and for your business culture, data systems, and core competence.


Never stop learning

At L&F CG we do extensive research and service development hence our services and projects are constantly developing adding new features and traits.

As a participant of our workshop, your company will have access to all our newest research, services, project and national as well as an international network. L&F CG will also update any relevant features to services already bought.

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Presenting L&F Empowerment

This is an introduction to our services, workshop, and expectations.
It is free of charge and can be viewed as a "mutual mapping" to see if there is a foundation for collaboration.