How to implement technology, without alienating key personnel

Make sure to assess any needs identified amongst personnel working in the frontline of marketing and sales. Assess your business core strengths and attributes and evaluate how well your services and products are presented in the marketplace. Makes sure you have a presence on any digital or social media your customer/prospect expects to find you. Before you evaluate and complete your tech stack, which must, and I cannot stress this enough:

  1. Have excellent customer service.
  2. Be open-ended and able to transfer any data where you want. Be aware that this is where many providers, hide their profit.
  3. Have a simple and easy user experience. Anything that requires more than two hours of training, is a no go. 

Rebuttals we encounter regularly; Customer service is essential, but not a game-changer for us. Our products are complex and require a lot more than a basic $12 service. We can’t upgrade our systems every year; our employees won’t stand for it. If the system is god, we can invest a little more time in training. 

The point of great customer service is making sure your employees have a good to excellent experience using your systems, ensuring high input av data subsequently escalating customer value. The cost of a system does in no way reflect the system’s capacity or ability; it’s just valued without company reputation and brand value. Upgrading systems IS the new market and cannot be avoided.

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