Industrial capital as a competitive resource

In our study conducted in the spring of 2019 we researched how to optimize industrial capital amongst owners, the board of directors, advisors, management, and administration to create a competitive business advantage. We found a best practice, and got to define a market leader and a market average.

“The most bang for the buck was recruiting industrial capital on a case by case basis amongst advisors. The prerequisite for success was the organization’s ability to clarify expectations on the outcome and implement the industrial resource in their business operations.”

The goal of the study was to determine how to optimize investments in human industrial capital, by minimizing cost and maximizing contribution and thus output.

Our definition of industrial capital is; an industrial network, being an ambassador to a certain industry and ability to open doors for the organization to clients, investors, and other stakeholders.

One of the interesting things we found in the survey, was the ability or lack of ability to utilize the industrial capital found in different parts of the organization. The lack of ability was usually due to a lack of expectations, instructions, and routines related to industrial capital as a resource. Hence these are variables we have adjusted for in what we see as best practice. 

We found a clear correlation between industrial capital throughout the organization and an organizational ability to utilize these resources, and anyone company’s success. Meaning having industrial capital, routines for acquiring the necessary industrial capital and a clear expectation with instructions on how to utilize industrial capital, is an absolute must-have for any organization to be competitive in the top end of any market.  

In short; Industrial capital does not guarantee success for your company. But not having industrial capital is almost guarantees that your business won’t be successful. And if you can’t buy industrial capital, you must insert industrial capital. Meaning get someone for your board or sell a part of your company.

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