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We are connected to Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. This means that our services are available in almost 900 cities across 120 countries.

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We believe an investor has three primary qualities.

They have resources to invest, they have academic competence to invest and they have industrial competence to invest. In which order and to what extent will differ based upon different projects and different needs. In many cases, industrial or academic competence can more than compensate for a lack of financial resources.


Further, we believe there are two kinds of investors, the once everyone knows about and have projects left right and center allocated towards them, providing them an opportunity to enter whichever project and really beneficial terms.


On the other hand, we have investors who are on the up and invited to the same projects, only later and more expensive. And research on the matter tells us that making the leap from being on the up to being the one everyone tries to allocate towards, is extremely difficult. 


Hence they tend to be front line on small projects and group two on the real moneymakers.



If you are here, we are probably interested because you found this and this is something we rarely promote. If we were picky we would say we are looking for companies who are ambitious, adventurous and in general focused on taking as many steps on the company ladder as whatever possible.


Meaning, you want to compete with the best and you need the services, projects, and partners who allow you to do so.


If this were football, you believe you can play for Barcelona if only someone discovers or provides you with an opportunity. Well, this is it, here is your chance


 If you want it, come and get it. At LFCG we will give you a proper shot at the title.  



Our services are within our service areas

  • Marketing and sales

  • Economy and finance

  • Organizational development 

  • Legislative 

  • Digitalization and proptech 

  • Miscellaneous

Our projects are within our business areas 

  • Accelerator

  • Business loyalty 

  • Empowerment 

  • Education

  • Exchange 

  • Madhatter 

  • R&D 

  • Venture 


At LFCG, we pride ourselves in developing services and projects streamlined for creating sustainable business growth together with and for our clients and partners.

An LFCG service or project is always developed upon the latest available research (a-journal) and tested upon new technology, global trends such as sustainable and a green shift, local politics, and interviews with people and companies in the industry. 


Any LFCG partner knows their trade to the extent that they can find a way around any obstacle that arises.

All our professionals have unique expertise with the service they provide trough LFCG. Talent is an x-factor in the production which allows LFCG partners and clients to expect a little more and a little bit better than from anyone else.

LFCG will always deliver accordingly to your expectations, what has been promised, and what is possible.

Good or bad, any deviation from terms, progress, or such. Will be communicated in such a way and time that alternative measures can be implemented.

We will dress, act, and behave accordingly to any reasonable expectation any of our stakeholders might have for us.



We have several business models for our associated investors, it all depends on your commitment, ambitions, and wishes.

  • You will have first access when we venture into new areas

  • You will have first access from our accelerator 

  • You will have first access form out venture branch

  • You will have first access from our Madhatter branch

  • You will have first access to our latest research 

  • You will have access to all other benefits from the LFCG system as a whole