Investor Relations

The Investor Relations pages are designed to provide all investors and the capital markets with precise, equable and reliable information. L&F CG presents financial data through its quarterly reports and presentations. Our investor relations section is published in English only.



A presentation for our investor by our specialist
Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Annual Meeting

The annual general meeting of L&F CG will be held on 30 June 2021.

Financial Presentations

Here you will find the company’s and its projects annual financial reports.

Sustainiability Presentations

Investor Presentations

Corporate Governance

L&F CG’s objective for corporate governance is based on accountability, transparency, fairness and simplicity. The overfall goal is to maximise value for all stakeholders.

Investor Contact

Petter Frøshaug Vasholmen
CEO / Parner

[email protected]

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