It is when you are successful the real work starts.

About 50% of the Fortune 500 companies from the seventies are extinct. Sony was untouchable in the eighties, Microsoft in the nineties. Although these companies are nowhere extinct, the market share they once had, is long gone. Being the best means utilizing every opportunity that presents itself to the max. 

Rebuttals we regularly encounter; Our industry is sedate and will not incorporate new technology at such pace. Our clients have no emotional connection to our service. The value just isn’t there. 

If the industry seems sedate, it’s up to you to rejuvenate it. If not you, someone else will come along and steal your market share. There is always an emotional connection, but you might have to invest some time and resources identifying it. A computer system has the same value as a calculator. If you want answers, you must enter the correct numbers. If you want something extra, you need to know what algorithm to use. 

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