Keeping up with the Kardashians of real estate

There is a revolution happening in the real estate market these days, and just like in the french revolution several companies will change positions and some will lose their heads, before this is over. The change in dynamics in the marketing landscape is the reason for the change. A savvy marketer can reach a broader public with a better message and more valuable information than ever before. And the technological development, the drive train in the revolution, is still accelerating.

The short version

Dynamic interaction on different digital platforms provides the savvy marketer with a possible entry to markets and customers who only a few years ago were absolutely unattainable for 90% of product and service providers. Dynamic interaction will also identify, on its own, at least 5 times the customer base the company has identified on its own. Providing a savvy marketer with an opportunity to fish in their competitor’s pond, with dynamite.  

No room for failure 

The reason these opportunities arises is that its really complex to master, hence at the most 10% of those companies involved in Real Estate can be said to master the new arts of marketing, commercialization, to the extent that they are really capitalizing on it. An there is probably more snake oil on sale, amongst digital marketers, ad agencies, communication agencies and such, than any other professional service business at the moment. 

How do you know

To know whether you and your company master dynamic marketing, commercialization, is actually quite easy. If your services, products or projects who based on your marketing and sales plans, are exceeding the growth of 30% annually you’re doing it right. If not, your company is not drinking from the magic elixir and you are in a part of the market, where growth is scarce and hard to come by. On the other hand, you know whether you are doing it right. You know what data your building both services and activities on, your take on consumer behavior or consumer economics, your description of company services, usage of testimonials, segmenting, design, development, pixels, targeting and every other adjective one can insert as a must-do in marketing terms. And it must be done on an individual level as well as service and product level. 

If you master commercialization, your service or product sales must exceed a yearly growth of 30%  

Likeliness for success 

Big business has the resources to get this right. And the once who do will cement their place as market leaders and effectively block the way for smaller entities to even join the competition. Still many will fail, businesses choosing to ignore the new reality will have the same trajectory as the cruise liners with America boats in the 1970 fighting airplanes. And there will, ironically, be plenty of them. When they fail, it provides someone else an opportunity to step up to the plate. Companies who might do this and success will be the one that “race to embrace.” They must be innovative, technological adapt, willing to take a calculated risk and they know their marketing theory. Consultant pitches do not count on that one. They have read and understood the principles of marketing. 

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