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La Guiáverde (The Green Guide) is half marketing and half certification. On one side, we find guidelines for compliance with SDG 2030 and ISO 14001. On the other end, we find marketing material and certifications on compliance with guidelines on SDG 2030 and ISO 14001. La Guiáverde is a guide quite similar to the Michelin guide. It provides enlightened customers, clients, and prospects with information on to which degree business is compliant to SDG 230 and or ISO 14001. And like the Michelin guide, the listing is free, guidelines and criteria are free, any company in our industry, market or segment can be nominated, and the certificate and subsequent marketing material is also free.

“La Guiáverde is developed on the back of the UN’s sustainable development goals and the organization for standardization 14001. La Guiáverde provides companies with guidelines on how to do business while contributing to SDG 2030 and ISO 14001. Companies who do their business according to La Guiáverde guidelines will be mentioned, described, and recommended in the guide. These companies will be provided official marketing material confirming their listing.”

The guidelines in La Guiáverde are updated once a year, and it’s done in accordance with any changes within the SDG 2030 and/or ISO 14001. The guidelines are developed together with the specialists in L&F CG som to ensure that the guidelines combine the best of two worlds. Best practices and sustainable businesses. Any company can, in our industries, markets, and segments, can list their company. The listing process is simple and straightforward. The company expresses its interest. Someone from La Guiáverde will get in touch and confirm that the company is in the process of getting the listing and guidelines on how to be compliant. Then someone from La Guiáverde will follow up with a survey to assess the company to verify whether they are compliant or not. The company will then receive the assessment from La Guiáverde, and confirmation on their listing or a shortlist on minor tweaks recommended to ensure their compliance with the guidelines.

La Guiáverde is free. The listing is free. Guidelines are free. The assessment is free. The certification is free, and subsequently, marketing material is free. La Guiáverde is a tool company can utilize to prove its compliance with SDG 203, ensuring access to markets where such compliance is a regulatory requirement, about 60-70% of the market. It’s a guide for companies to make sure that whomever they purchase their services from is a positive contributor to the world and our common sustainability. They are providing both parties with an opportunity to develop their reputation and their market value.

As such, La Guiáverde is not something that someone can buy. It is a guide that lists companies who do business in compliance with the Un’s sustainable goals. It is open for anyone, and the guidelines are the same for everyone.

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