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Total investment: € 2 500 000,-

Minimum investment: € 25 000,- 

Requirements for participation: Associated with LFCG  

Start date: 1. November 2019  

Project type: Joint venture 

Goal: Listing of the company within five years

Country of origin: GBR 

Of all the types of restaurants that have flourished in recent memory, the gastropub seems to have most thoroughly captured the public's attention, infiltrating nearly every facet of international dining. 


A working definition of the contemporary gastropub can be “a casual establishment, usually boisterous, with a near-equal emphasis on quality eating and drinking.” Even if gastropubs might be a little past their prime, new venues boasting great beer, wine and spirits selections and good food served in an upscale pub atmosphere, continue to open throughout the world. And that's a good thing. 


The gastropub has such a strong potential to be an entry point for ordinary people into a cuisine that comes from more humanely raised animals than they're used to, that's prepared with better technique than they're accustomed to, and that comes from hopefully better-paid cooks and waiters than they typically encounter. 


The gastropub is how we get more customers to care about food and to spend more on food.


Expectations to project

LFCG  expectations to project participants

  • Wants to be an active part of the project 

  • Has a genuine interest in the project 

  • Wants to utilize the end product in their own business 

  • Wants to grow into new markets

  • Will contribute to the project's success, when able.

Participants expectations to LFCG  

  • Transparency throughout the process

  • Great communication 

  • The extraordinary ability for implementation

The dual expectation for the project 

  • Let's make it a success

  • Let's make it a good experience 

  • Let's make it something we all want to do again


  • All our projects are developed together with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

  • All our projects will be utilized by our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

  • All our projects have integrated all the services LFCG  provides, from the get-go.


What do we want to create?

We want to develop an international attractive gastropub franchise 


We will have some of the best young chefs around


We want to use local foods and specialities 


We will have some of the best young bartenders around 


We want to use local spirits, cider, and beer


We will design each location to reflect the city it is at and its history in a modern frame. 


We will ensure the franchise is carbon neutral, we will also provide participants with certificates on the positive effects the franchise contributes to the green change


We will make the franchise high tech


We will make the franchise cost-efficient and thus attractive 


We will ensure all our locations are established in attractive areas.


We will ensure our data systems, working routines, ordering forms, design templates and such, are top of the line. 



20-60-20, the modern market.

There is the top section which contains 10-20% of the company's, they are experiencing immense growth at rates of 30-40% annually. These are the companies who are able to utilize new technology to their advantage

Then there is the midsection in the market which accounts for about 60% of the companies who are on a small but steady decline. Trying, but not really succeeding in implementing new technology 

And then there is the bottom section, which also accounts for 10-20%. They are basically on their way out and losing. They only use or implement new technology when they have to it is too late. 

Market Development

50-50, End users, the buyers

On the left side of the axes, we can find the innovators, early users, and early majority. These customers represent about 50% of the market. Their common traits are knowledgeable about their needs, ambitions regarding their position in the market, always on the lookout on ways to improve their lifestyle and willingness to pay for the right service. On the right side we find the customers whose common traits are that they buy a service because they have too, they don't really know what they are buying, price is the most important factor, they don't generate added sales and they don't really utilize the service do to a lack of basic understanding. 

Client Description

20-80, the service providers
We have found that 20% of the service providers serve the left side of the market, where there is money, ambitions, and references. The other 80% of service providers are dividing the other 50% of the market where there is a lack of knowledge, willingness to pay and buying is done on price and needs. To be amongst the 20% you need to have the services the top 50% clients require. 

Distribution of Clients



  • In our R&D apartment, new trends and technologies are tracked continuously

  • Sometimes we find something that is extraordinary and has the potential to be a gamechanger if utilized properly

  • At that point, we define it as a premiss, as in what needs to be done to utilize the power within the trend or technology for maximized value  

  • We do a survey with our stakeholders, meaning clients, partners, and others. We want to know if they see the potential we are trying to outline, see the potential we haven't identified and/or believe they would use it if we develop it.  

  • Based upon those result we present a development case to those different service partners in LFCG  who does development of those sorts. 

  • Those developers give us an estimate on a price and timeline for the project

  • Together with other relevant services or business partners in LFCG, we develop a business case for the project.

  • Then we present this business case to our stakeholders, to see whether they want to participate in such a venture. 

  • As soon as the project is funded to a minimum viable product, we start production

  • The organization meanwhile is built upon LFCG  services

  • About 6 months before the finished article, we start sales and marketing activities

  • When the six months are up, all property related to the product are phased into a company of its own owned by the project investors

  • The project stays as a part of our portfolio and is offered to new stakeholders as LFCG  keep penetrating new markets


L&F CG works with companies in real estate. We collaborate with several academic institutions and translate their, and others, research to impact assessments. These impact assessments are then shared with our partners to create business models that meet the needs identified in the different impact assessments. Our service and business partners are in the top tier of their fields and are recruited especially to make sure our services are as good as they can be.

At LFCG, we pride ourselves on building services streamlined for creating sustainable business growth. Our MO (modus operandi) is developing business models that can be implemented in any business within our core markets. With a basic “plug and play” and easy to use implement function, while at the same time educating our clients in usage and optimization of the service at hand.



We know our trade to the extent that we can find a way around any obstacle that arises.



All our professionals have unique expertise with the service they provide trough L&F CG. Talent is an x-factor in the production which allows L&F CG as an organization to expect a little more and a bit better than from anyone else.



We will always deliver accordingly to your expectations, what has been promised, and what is possible.



Good or bad, any deviation from terms, progress, or such. Will be communicated in such a way and time that alternative measurements can be implemented.



We will dress, act, and behave accordingly to any reasonable expectation any of our stakeholders might have for us.

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