Management is not an industry, nor is it a market or a segment. However, every one of our specialists is by default management outside of our industries, markets, and segments. Hence it’s in our utmost interest to make sure our services are adaptable and creates the same business advantages for our specialists as they do for our clients.

Our services for management, in general, are developed on an opportunity and need axis. Where opportunities are defined by specialists for each and every service and needs are defined by our specialist’s management. These services are continually developing, and what we did yesterday does not affect what we will do tomorrow.

We do at least one in-depth study for each segment yearly. The study in question is developed in collaboration with our specialists for the subject within the service, the council for the service, and our specialist for the segment. Our respondents are existing clients, prospects, and relevant stakeholders. Findings are published in our research journal, and datasets are available for testing. Based on these datasets, we redevelop our fixed services and hire complementary specialists for the service.

Our competitors within this niche seem blurry. Who is the consultant’s consultant, the advisor for the advisor? In most cases, our competitors are former consultants from the big three, big four or big five who didn’t make it into a partner. On a side note, we believe it to be like this because most consultants and agencies are quite confident in their abilities and, in most to many cases, think they can figure it out on their own. Thus spending time nurturing them as a potential client can be wasteful.

We are an apolitical organization. However, the modern world requires modern solutions, which means everyone has to become SDG 2030 compliant. Working against these guidelines is counterproductive for us and our clients, which means we won’t.

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Commercialization As A Service (CAAS) is about combining marketing and sales with the best technological solutions of all time.

It is therefore a question of understanding your company strengths concerning market demand, how these forces should be presented in relation to your products and services. Who it is all to be presented for and how and what properties should “close” the sale. As well as how one sale should lead to both sales, additional sales and new sales.

Our commercialization models and matrices for tourism are specifically designed to further develop existing business relationships, mirror new buying groups and activate additional new segments.


360 Commercialization for Management

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At L&F CG we do extensive research and service development hence our services and projects are constantly developing adding new features and traits.

As a participant of our workshop, your company will have access to all our newest research, services, project and national as well as an international network. L&F CG will also update any relevant features to services already bought.

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