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At LFCG we find it is important to recognize all the hard work that is poured into all the different parts of the real estate market. Starting, developing and maintaining companies year in and year out takes a massive effort from the whole organization.

We have a modest approach to determine what can be seen as a form of best practice for each of the elements that make a company.

By using international research, technological trends, global trends, and a changing political environment, we have developed modules that allow LFCG to have a qualified opinion on which companies best suited for today and the future markets.

We will provide official and visual recognition for the companies selected. And an easy to understand assessment on individual needs, for the companies that didn’t quite make it this year.

Either way, everyone involved wins. 

A company can be nominated locally, regionally, nationally and internationally


  • Sales and marketing 
  • Economy and finance
  • Legislative 
  • Organization and design 
  • Digitalization and new technologies
  • Miscellaneous
    • Plans, processes, routines, resources, and activities 

Process For Nominees

That is easy, anyone can nominate anyone. 

What next?

Once nominated, the company will receive a confirmation on their nomination with a short summary of what they are nominated for, logos and digital confirmation for usage in their own commercial activities and an appointment with one of our representatives for some additional information about the company.  

After that?

The company will receive a short assessment of how they stack up against best practices and market leaders regarding the different criteria the judges use. And what to expect for the rest of this year’s competition.  


Due to the green shift, we are in the middle of the ceremony will be low key and awards and associated material will be delivered digitally. Together with a formal explanation about placement and areas for improvement    


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nominees fall 2020

AB Solutions
Advokatfirmaet Berngaard
Attentus Eiendomsmegling
Boa Eiendom
Bolig Konsulentene
Exact Eiendomsmeglere
Expert Reiser
Fefor Høifjellshotell
Galta Rør AS
Garanti Eiendomsmegling
H2 Rør AS
Hammervoll Pind
HK Regnskap
Lynx Advokatfirma
Magnus Legal
MPR Gruppen
Nordvik Eiendomsmegler
Notar Eiendom
Notodden Utvikling AS
Rogaland Tak AS
Sem & Johnsen Eiendomsmegling
Visit Lillehammer
Wahl-Larsen Advokatfirma

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