A great marketing mix guarantees more assignors

Design yours at the Real estate commercialization academy

As a realtor or estate agent, marketing, sales and technology are your tools. Just like a carpenter has his hammer or nail gun, a realtor and estate agent have their SEO, assessments, CRM, analytics and such. Furthermore a great marketing mix will multiply incoming assignors many times. The realtor or estate agent whit the most incoming assignors will have more listings than their competitors. And the realtor or estate agent with most listings sells more property

There are several realtors and estate agents who are doing just fine as it is. They have more than enough listings and everything is great. But imagine how great they would do if they optimized their currant marketing mix and tripled their marketshare.

“We have technology that identifies, prospects and enrich any type of lead you can desire. We have technology who engages and introduces you as the perfect solution to every need conceivable for that specific lead. And we can do that before the lead even knows they want to sell their property”

And this is just a smal sample of the 250+ specialities we have found and customized for realtors and estate agents . If you join the Real estate commercialization academy, you will discover at least 1 or 2 such tools that speaks to you and alignes perfectly with your traits, competence ad personality. And 1 or 2 is more than enough to double up on assignors

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