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Make It Rain

We bring back lost clients and recharge dwindling business relations through our unique business charger; from contact to contract.


Commercialization is about combining marketing and sales with the best technological solutions of all time.

Unprecedented Growth

We will find you a customer segment with great customer retention rate and subsequently a high customer lifetime value

Our Partners

Partner for hire

We bring back lost clients and recharge dwindling business relations through our unique business charger; from contact to contract.

Our expertise within commercialization has led us to develop a business model that ensures former clients and prospects aka customer retention, enter the fold again and stays. We will gain access, identify wants, needs and buying behavior. Develop (put together) the perfect services, present, negotiate and get the signature

Our business models are proven in countless business cases and are best practices combined with optimized execution.

In general, service providers rely on partners/senior/executive to provide the clients. This is a proven model and has proven itself over and over. We do the same, only better. Better because we have and are continuously refining each element and variable in every process related to getting the signature.

Partner for hire is an entry-level service from LFCG and can be implemented in most service providers. The requirement is that we can identify at least €1 million in potential sales. Our terms/pay is as for any partner and thus dependent on your internal structure.

Former, inactive and lost clients will always be the shortest way to business growth and capital gains. And can, in our experience, make the foundation for serious business growth.


Commercialization is about combining marketing and sales with the best technological solutions of all time. It is, therefore, a question of understanding your company’s strengths concerning market demand, how these forces should be presented in relation to your products and services.

Who it is all to be presented for and how and what properties should “close” the sale. As well as how one sale should lead to both sales, additional sales, and new sales.

360 Commercialization & 360 Data / Research

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01. Assessment & Market Development

Assessment and market development is mapping and identifying every single one of your company’s traits and attributes so that your management team has detailed knowledge on where you’re company are better, where you’re company are average and where you’re company are worse of than best practice, peers, competitors, and market leaders.

  • Quantitative Research & Design
  • Qualitative Research & Design
  • Regression Analysis
  • Statistics & Data Science


02. Service & Service Development

We will explain all your services in such a way that your audience will have a better understanding of your services, and is more likely to choose your products and services over your competitors.

  • Copywriting


03. Design & Digital Presence

We will start by overhauling your brand book ensuring it is aligned with traits and attributes from your organization, brand, stakeholders, services, and products. We will incorporate modern values such as environmental consciousness, digital, sustainable and other global relevant trends.

  • Brandbook & Guidelines
  • Art Director
  • Photographer
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media
  • Digital Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Media Production
  • Performance Marketing
  • Dynamic Marketing
  • SEO
  • Web Design & Development
  • App Development
  • Translation Services


04. Technical Setup

We will incorporate sales systems, marketing systems, customer relations systems. We will integrate those systems enabling them to communicate with each other. We will integrate those systems into your company’s digital presence. Homepage, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and so forth. We will set up a dashboard to monitor sales and marketing activities. We will automate as many outbound activities as possible and we will automate and design as much as possible of the customer journey.  

  • Marketing Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • Sales Systems


05. Sales & Sales Development

The sales and sales development service identifies, systematize, and generates every sales-related activities, including marketing activities, into an actionable plan. The management, sales, and marketing personnel can use as a guiding document or as a tick of scheme to ensure quotas and ambitions are met. The plan has an organizational module for the whole organization adjusted for organizational targets. 

  • Outreach Development
  • Playbook Development
  • Presentations
  • Telephone and Email Strategy
  • Negotiation & Closing
  • Mindfullness
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition
  • Lifestyle & Fitness


06. The Follow-Up

First of all, we will plug and adjust your marketing activities. That means setting up your marketing campaigns, adjusting messages, pictures to ensure expected outcome and ROI. This way, we can make sure your campaigns meet its targets, and if any disruptive or game-changing situations occur, we can handle it and counter it. Secondly, we have joint and individual training/educational sessions for your team (or organization.)

  • Coaching
  • Performance Marketing
  • Disruption Management

q&A Videos: Commercialization

This video playlist is in Norwegian.

Etterhvert som spørsmål til tjenesten 360 kommersialisering dukker opp, kommer svarene her:

New Markets

New markets is a version 2.0 of partner for hire and thus a scaled down version of 360 wheel of commercialization. But unlike partner for hire, the new market services targets a completely new industry, market or segment. The primary criteria is that the new industry, market or segment is big enough, has a potentially high customer retention and finally a potentially hight customer lifetime value.

Utilizing our assessment and market development module, we can clarify and profile wants, needs, other traits and attributes the new segment/market demands. Then we can pinpoint which traits and attributes our clients need to enhance/develop to be attractive in new segments or markets. Using the combined data to identify potential partners.

Entering a new industry, market or segment is easier if done together with someone knowing the local culture, businesses lingo and network. We have quite a few of such industries, markets and segments available for our clients. 

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