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We are connected to Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. This means that our services are available in almost 900 cities across 120 countries.

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A fixed price service for real estate companies

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If you enjoy football, this analogy will make sense. Liverpool football club bought one player, just one. Then went from a top 6 team to a top 2 team in the Premier League instantly. Not only that but also winning the Champions League earning the club over 100 million Euros. The same goes for your company, done right; one person can make the same impact for you.

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Organization for Value Optimization

There are ups and a few downs if you organize for maximum value. More valuable means heftier taxation for shareholders, which might be seen as a negative. However, a higher valuation gives better credit opportunities and thus, investment opportunities.

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Dynamic Recruitment

Imagine your company is a football club, and your employees are your players. However I bet you are more annoyed about the lack of investment in new players from your favorite team, then you are in your own company. 

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Board and Advisors Development

A board or any advisors connected to your company can if utilized right, contribute tremendous value. For starters, a company can and should add competence in any board connected to the company, first and foremost expertise within marketing, economics, legislative, and tech

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Organization for Growth

This is one of our more advanced services. Not the process, plans and activities to implement,  but because a company needs to have a certain size before how to organize becomes essential for growth.

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Board and Advisors Expectaions

Having the right personnel in your board of directors gives you credibility and an "air of trustworthiness" and is a smart business move. However, if you at the same time can utilize the competence they bring to the table, you're really on the road to success.

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Prepare for Success

Preparing for success might sound like "stupid advice." However, in real life and business, you have competitors left, right, and center. If you have built a game-changer, customers won't understand, and competitors will go after your head.