Capitalizing on your research and academic credentials

LFCG needs to have access to objective research. A business model developed based on comprehensive research and confirmed results will be better than the majority of business models out there any given day. The majority of business models are developed based on hunches, gut feeling, inadequate data, unreliable surveys and wishful thinking. Erasing those factors from anything we develop and sell, ensures our clients success short and long term.

We want to develop a business model and payment structure that honours and makes it profitable for researchers who contributes. Without compromising their credentials and academic standing.

How to go about such a task ensuring its fair, transparent and attractive is difficult. Most of the modern research are based on other researchers work and earlier theories. How do we decide on some sort of cut off?

For us the solution was to dedicate a fixed sum on every transaction to our research fund and develop a mathematical fraction dividing this sum on each contributing research paper based upon their impact on the development on each business model.

We encountered a few difficulties in the practical implementation of the payment structure. First it was the legislative. It is a payment and payments are taxable, so we had to ensure any payment is done in accordance with local regulations. The second difficulty was finding the proper recipient since a few of the theories we have implemented are quite old and the original researcher were deceased. In these cases, we have decided to donate their cut to the academic institution they were a part of at the time of their publishing.

Today we have a working business model/payment structure enabling LFCG to pay a dividend to original thinkers, researchers and those who provides us with ideas for our business models and our clients with business growth and success. It seems fair.

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We have recognized a long time ago that no matter what field you do your research within, it is almost always relevant for sales, marketing or technology. We have found and implemented research on the usage of jingles in Cuban and brazilian politics. Its relevant, we just need to figure out where on how to implement it.

Our most common rebuttals are; It can be seen as an obstacle for my academic objectivity. It can hurt my academic credentials. I need to know who you are, before we can do anything. First of all, we will never suggest or medal at all with your research, not before, not during and not after. Secondly, it can’t hurt your academic credentials. We are providing you a financial incentive, after your publication and not before.

We have access to loads of subjects, datamateriall and network throughout the industry. Obviously open for you. And we are providing financial support to any researcher who has come up with a theory we can implement in our business models. This is a positive for everyone.

Related experience – Perceived roadblocks

The need for close proximity was a thing of the past. Whether its zoom, whereby, hangouts or any other digital communication platform. Modern communication transcends national borders. We are not funding your research; we are paying for the results. We will also provide you with an enormous audience wanting to hear your key notes on your expertise.

Common rebuttals for us as has been; You are to far away. We have tried grant funded research before and it did not work. This isn’t right for our department. We are unsure about the ethics in such a relation. As mentioned above, modern communication transcends national borders. We, LFCG, rarely touches grant funded research. However, several of our clients can and will be more than happy to engage in such endeavors. We will never do anything that can compromise our relation ethically.

We want you to reach out to us, send us an email and let us know about you. So that we can get back to you and provide you with a proposal on what we can do together.

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Together we can make you an industrial expert, a sought-after keynote speaker and advisor. Together we can find several companies eager to enlist your expertise and utilize in their research and development program.

If you are unsure, why don’t you just send us an email and let us provide you a proposal on what, how and when. If you think that is intimidating, please join our webinar and let us walk you through what we can achieve together.

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