Collaboration for maximizing customer retention and customer lifetime value 

Realtors, estate agents, estate agencies and their franchises are
competing in a fiercely competitive, local, regional, national, and international industry. Which makes it difficult for local, regional, or national public marketing agencies to develop a one size fits all marketing strategy.

We wanted to develop a collaborative program where local, regional, and national marketing, sales and tech agencies could focus 100% on developing their specialities. 

The major challenge we faced was not in developing a collaborative program, we have a joint interest with the agencies trough and trough while we have different goals. 

 L&F CG have developed the most comprehensive legislative, regulatory out there and implement it into every fiber of the LFCG organization. Making us the most environmentally friendly consultant agency around in the process. Today LFCG is 100% compliant with ISO 14001.

Implementing ISO 14001 throughout the entire organization was easy, but it was tedious and demanding. We picked our entire organization apart, activities, and processes alike, then we adjusted each detail making sure they were just as effective as before and now in compliance with ISO 14001.

Realizing that ISO 14001 is a continually evolving regulations, threw us off for a short while. Believing we had to redo the process annually, just to stay on top of the regulative requirements. However, we soon realized that this was a positive factor since it forces us to stay on top and thus in the field’s front.

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There is no downside to such a collaboration. We want you to be successful. We want your agency to be successful. 

  • We don’t know you.
  • How can we trust you?
  • Are you sure we have a common interest?

No, you don’t know us and we don’t know you. However, that we can do something about. And we won’t have a business engagement until everyone is comfortable with our relation. We will take our time and develop a relationship built on trust before we engage in any business relations. Yes, we have a common interest, business success on separate cash flows.

If we haven’t reached out to you already, please send us an email or something so we can get in touch. We are confident that when you see our proposal you will find it attractive and a good idea.

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We have developed models compliant with environmental regulations, cultural differences, and national legislations. We can make this work, no matter region or country.
The most common rebuttals we encounter are; 

  • We have all the partners we need.
  • Our needs are different.
  • Our region is special.
  • We are too diversified.

First of all, everyone believes their needs are different. That is logical, but also a consequence of your expertise. Most visitors will not see you as different and consequently, your needs are like everyone else’s. Your region is special, it has unique traits developed throughout centuries. But marketing and selling it is the same.

We know what we can achieve together, all we ask is for an opportunity to share that information with you. There is a 100% chance that you are on our “list” and that we will reach out to you. However, if you would be so kind as to send us an email, we will reach out to you now and present what we believe (know) we can do together.

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Together we will help you recruit bigger and better projects. Together we will better the customer retention for your agency. And together we will better the customer lifetime value for our joint clients.
We encounter some common rebuttals here as well; 

  • We don’t believe this.
  • We can do this better on our own. 

The thing is that we are not asking you to be believers. We have our business models and processes. All we are asking from you is to let us present it to you. Then you can make a qualified decision whether or not to collaborate. What you do on your own is not in conflict with our collaboration in any way. So it should not factor in your decision.

We will again implore you to reach out to us so we can present you with our proposal. The worst thing that could happen is that you get to see what other agencies are doing and that we can have a nice little chat. There is the possibility that we can collaborate and create some amazing results going forward together.

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