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A fixed price service for real estate companies



Accounting and adjacent economics done right is a corporate drivetrain serving the entire organization greasing and fueling all the parts that make up the fabric of the company. 


And as with any drive train, if something is missing or wrong, eventually the whole company will come to an abrupt halt. Allas getting this right, smooth and efficient should and must be high on any company owner or leader’s agenda.


Opportunities and needs

Accounting serves tree primary purposes First of all the law requires financial statements, and you will not be allowed to run a business without providing those. Secondary it can be used for specific purposes such as due diligence, M&A, financial applications, private and public funding and any other financially related transaction. Thirdly it can be a necessity for growth, as there are only a handful of service providers with a brand strong enough to be entrusted with listing and such. 


Modern accounting is digitized, meaning it is done digitally. We are specialized in accounting software called Tripletex, obviously, we can develop our services for other systems as well. When we say specialized, we mean specialized. We have developed accounting routines, processes and activities optimized for real estate professionals. We have taken full advantage of the possibilities within the Tripletex system and developed all the necessary parameters to ensure it is a fully functional project management tool and it is correlated with health and safety, necessary certifications, systems for negotiating with prospects, all aspects of invoicing and bank statements. We have even added a possibility to get those other data systems at a rebate, to optimize the economic experience.  


Although these systems are incredibly easy to use, we have developed a training module available for everyone who needs it. It is part lecture, part video and part presentations. We have chosen to do so because the technological development is so rapid that new functions and changes in routines happen regularly. Thus to ensure everybody can utilize this economic engine of ours, our training program is continuously working progress and a necessity.  


Your financial statements are only really relevant as long as they are current. Hence the first thing we do together with new clients is to assess all of their existing financial and economic and every other relatable routine. Based on this information We will develop an individual workshop where we highlight/showcase and explain differences between what has been done before, how it should be done now and why. Afterward, we will write an action plan, on an individual level, on which activities each member of our client’s organization has to do. This is how we keep cost at a minimum 

The “routine” we have developed ate readied for a future due diligence, a future m&a, any form for a financial application, private funding and public funding. Meaning you can utilize tax credits, environmental subsidies and any other governmental program available, from day one. Making our services, if not best in class, at least the best we know of.  


Letting LFCG do everything from A-Z 

  • Pristin financial statements 

  • Pristine project flow

  • Readied for any form for funding

  • Readied for any form of m&a or due diligence 

  • Readied for any form of listing or such 


Pick and choose

  • Every prerequisites for having pristine financial statements 

  • Every prerequisites for having a pristine project flow

  • Every prerequisites for being readied for any form of funding

  • Every prerequisites for being eligible for m&a or due diligence

  • Every prerequisites for being eligible for any form of listing or such


Letting LFCG do everything from A-Z starts at

  • € 500 a month

Pick and choose starts at

  • € 500 a service


Implementation from A-Z

  • Workshop with our principal → Action plan

Implementation of our guidance 

  • Mapping → workshop → action plan (see dynamic marketing) 

Pick and choose

  • Let our principal present the different options 



Market development over the past 8 years

With today's available technology and companies' ability to implement technology, we expect market development to look like this in the next 4-5 years.

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Accounting & Economics

This is an introduction to our services and expectations.
It is free of charge and can be viewed as a "mutual mapping" to see if there is a foundation for collaboration.