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A fixed price service for real estate companies



The services and products you provide along with your company ambitions and requirements decide how you must organize and develop your organization. The market is there and as long as you have a good service or a good product, there is absolutely no limit on the potential for your company. 


However, without the right support and tuning of the components that make up your company, you do not stand a chance on winning the competition. And business is always competition. Whichever trait or component you miss, will severely hamper or even derail your company's potential long term growth.


Opportunities and needs

First, we must sit down with the management, company advisors, board of directors and owners. We need to know all about your services and products, your company's resources such as, but not limited to; financial, academic and industrial capabilities. And at last the everyone’s ambition. This is the process who clarifies organizational flaws, missing traits and what boundaries we must maneuver between. Assessing this information will enable us to design an action plan on how to develop the company to the entity everyone wants it to be with a realistic timeframe.


We will go on and build a framework for the complete company development process. Defining which dependencies to trigger different and necessary actions. This framework has four levels; local, regional, national and international. The international is a replica of local to national adjusted for cultural differences.


The next step is to complete your organization which means adding necessary branches, departments, board, and advisors. We must ensure your organization has all the traits it needs to be competitive with those competitors it needs to better. If your company were a car, this will be the first time it has all the qualities needed to win a race. 


When the organization is developed to an extent where it actually can better its competitors, we must fill it up with the necessary competence (traits.) This means distributing the existing company resources to those activities that yield the most effect and to recruit/hunt those traits we are lacking/missing which will generate the biggest multiplier on company output. An easy way to explain this is that we let the numbers decide what we need and should do. 


To ensure we have the traits we need today and for the company's future growth, according to the framework we developed personnel development and educational programs must be designed. We will develop to different programs, the first focuses on personal development meaning readying existing personnel to take on more responsibility and thus assist in creating company growth. 


The other program is educational and focuses on bettering personnel in day to day tasks and activities while creating a better understanding of the necessity company's goal and ambitions. There will be different programs for the owner, the board of directors, advisors, management, administration, and employees. 


At this point in the process, we do basic recruitment, redevelopment of personnel development and educational programs and the occasional headhunting if needed or if it is according to plan. And minor changes to activities in different branches aligned with changes in the marketplace


The next level is escalating your business up the ladder. Whether that is from local to the regional operator, regional to the national operator or national to an international operator. Here we will start off with an ever so slightly touch up of the framework. There have most likely been some changes in the market place and we need to adjust the company development framework for those changes. 


Afterward, we will complete the organization for this next level. Then we will add traits lacking/missing for this next level. Then we will redevelop the personnel development program and the educational program and adjust it for the new next level challenges. Before we return to basic recruitment, adjustment of personnel development and educational programs and the occasional headhunting. While we await together with the company on the next step.       


Letting us do everything from A-Z

  • An existing company will achieve its goals and ambitions

  • A new company will achieve its goals and ambitions faster and cheaper than on its own. 


Doing as we say 

  • Getting the framework to either develop every necessary branch, process, activity on its own or to hire third-party vendors for the job. And thus achieving company goals.  


Pick and choose 

  • As good as it can be and better than your competitors, always.


Letting us do everything from A-Z

  • Prices starting on € 35 000, depending on the scale of it


Doing as we say 

  • It's a fixed price of €6 500,-


Pick and choose 

  • Prices start on € 1 000,- depending on the scale of it


Implementation from A-Z

  • Workshop with our principal → Action plan

Implementation of our guidance 

  • Mapping → workshop → action plan (see dynamic marketing) 

Pick and choose

  • Let our principal present the different options 



Market development over the past 8 years

With today's available technology and companies' ability to implement technology, we expect market development to look like this in the next 4-5 years.

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Organizational Development

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