Closing is just the endgame of good marketing

In the good old days, like 2015 and 16, sales were mostly linear. And linear was that good old sales strategy need vs supply. Today a company has to factor in subconscious needs and thus predict future consumer behaviour

Today it is different. Today a good sales strategy predominantly has to cater to subconscious needs because modern technology can predict needs based upon behavior, which in turn means a good marketer will be communicating with the prospect, long before they themselves are aware or have defined their needs. Hence leaving those utilizing a linear sales strategy left with a really small segment of the client pool

Customers registrar their wants on different sites such as Craigslist, Blocket or Finn. Wants such as exactly which traits they will prefer on services or products. Customers subsequently registrars all their personal information such as age, education, relationship, work situation, family and social preferences on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Then the customer keeps liking stuff and searching for recipes or how to do stuff on other digital media.

When all these traits get summed up; a good algorithm knows demographics, geographics, wants needs, financial ability, preferences, conscious and unconscious. Enough to always offer things, services or products, destinations or treatment. A little before and throughout the whole buying process for the client.

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