Email Marketing

Is the easiest and most efficient marketing tool any realtor or estate agent can put into action.

Email Marketing For Realtors And Estate Agents

Our email marketing solution can identify, prospect, and enrich any lead you can describe. Our email marketing solution will engage each lead individually with a message customized for their needs and wants. And make sure these prospects, leads and customers would want to listen to what you must present.

This is not some unique technology specially designed for or by L&F CG. Our mere contribution in this big picture is to assemble a tech stack designed to cater to the specific needs of a realtor, estate agen and an estate agency. Finding prospects is artificial intelligence. Engaging prospects is machine learning. Knowing when to engage prospects is artificial intelligence again. Knowing their triggers, needs and wants is information from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and the other tech giants.
Those realtors and estate agents who implements our email marketing solution first will be able to present, who they are, how their service is a perfect match, what’s in it for the prospect, what’s inn for the prospect’s stakeholders and what their common goals are. To every property developer in their district and market. Long before any of their competitors even knows what’s going on and that there is a sale to be made.
If a realtor, estate agent, estate agency or a franchise can utilize our email marketing solution and pick up as little as 10% of these leads. This realtor or estate agent will still hava a massive growth in sales.

Key Information about Email Marketingfor Realtors and Estate Agents

  • The service is customized for realtors and estate agents. And developed to ensure a direct line of communication between realtors and estate agents and their prospects and leads
  • Email marketing for realtors and estate agents is split into seven moduls
    1. Defining target audience
    2. Setup prospecting leads
    3. Setup enriching leads
    4. Clarify trigger, value proposition and call to action for different segments
    5. Design email, pictures, video, and landing pages
    6. Warm up your domain
    7. Start to reach out for target audience
  • Our production is done in accordance with GDPR and additional local regulations
  • Email marketing for realtors and estate agents are available for $5000
    • Production can start within 2 weeks
    • Estimated production time is 3 weeks
  • Email marketing for realtors and estate agents is researched and developed as part of our commercialization study and more precisely part 4 – technical setup
    • We expect version 2.0 to be ready for beta testing desember 2022

Email Marketing

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