Trust is a powerful business tool. We can help you and your organization to utilize ethics as a gamechanger in negotiation.

Ethics For Realtors And Estate Agents

Your values are the bases trust from your clients are built upon. If your assignors know you will provide the service, you have sold them. If your assignors know your secret sauce is a competitive edge. If your assignors know how you will execute the service. If your assignors know your standards are top notch. If your assignors know you will provide on time and on agreed price. If your assignors know that you will help them even after the transaction ended. These assignors, the ones who know. They will choose you and your services.

Being told what a great service someone provides and getting excited by their vision is great. And an essential part of the negotiation. However, the making or breaking of the deal is always in what the buyer can confirm on their own. Testimonials on your ethical standard and your ability to complete the services is the closer. Any rumors the other way around, is the breaker.
Realtors and estate agents who can command that kind of trust from their assignors, will be awarded with more listings than their competitors. Realtors and estate agent’s whit more listings than their competitors, sells more property than their competitors and are by default more successful than their competitors.
If integrating ethics in your day-to-day operations could open the door to just one new client. Then the integration would be worth it.  

Key Information about Ethicsfor Realtors and Estate Agents

  • The service is customized for realtors and estate agents as a tool to improve trust and thus closing more assignors and listings
  • Ethics as a value proposition is split into four moduls
    1. We must assess your attributes and traits.
    2. We must assess your services and presentation.
    3. We must assess your customer segments.
    4. We must develop routines and integrate them into your production ensuring everyone finds their needs and wants confirmed in your production
  • Our production is done in accordance with ISO 90014 and maintain the highest standard possible
  • Ethics as a value proposition is available for $1.500,-
    • Production can start within 2 weeks.
    • Estimated production time is 1 week.
  • Ethics as a value proposition is researched and developed as part of our Commercialization study and more precisely part 6 – Experiencing and adjusting.
    • We expect version 2.0 to be ready for Beta testing in April 2023
  • Payment details.
    • The service has 14 days credit.
    • External finance can be arranged.


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