Personalized Outreach

As a realtor or an estate agent you need to be able to do sales the right way. And sales the right way is different for everyone

Personalized Outreach For Realtors And Estate Agents

A realtor or an estate agent with a personalized playbook will find and engage more assignors. They will close in more assignors thereby presenting more listings in the market. They will sell bigger services and they will sell more often. They will have more loyal clients and their clients will be better at recommending the realtor or estate agent to their friend, families, and colleges.
Lionel Messi as a basketball player or even as a defender in a football team, will not be able to “play to his strengths”. He will be overrun in training; he will not make the team for games and he will certainly not be classified as the best player in the world.
Sales is like diving, its murky waters and mis by an inch or miss by a mile is the perfect analogy. And therefore, realtors and estate agents need a personal playbook for their sales. If they get it right and play to their strengths, they will be best and win every time. If they keep training and utilizing the defense or worse the basketball playbook, they will fail themself and they will fail the team

Key Information about Personalized Outreachfor Realtors and Estate Agents

  • The service personalized outreach to assignors is developed so that every realtor and estate agent can utilize their personal traits, attributes, and strengths in their outreach to assignors.
  • Personalized outreach to assignors is split into five moduls
    1. Assessment of the realtor or estate agent at hand
    1. Designing an individual interview guide
    2. Designing a customer card
    3. Designing a customer journey
    4. Designing an offer and a presentation
    5. Set up outreach
      1. Urgencies, negotiation tactics and en techniques are integrated in each process.
  • Our production is done in accordance with ISO 90001-4
  • Personalized outreach to assignors for realtors and estate agents are available for $2.000,-
    • Production can start within 2 weeks
    • Estimated production time is 1 week
  • Personalized outreach to assignors for realtors and estate agents is researched as a part of our commercialization study and more precisely part 5 – sales and sales development
    • We expect a version 2.0 to be ready for beta testing in March 2023

Personalized Outreach

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