L&F CG Commercialization

L&F CG is a collaboration between different specialists within marketing, sales, and technology. The collaboration´s goal is to enable us to compete for and provide our combined services to the largest and most important clients and business entities within our defined industries, markets, and segments. The project is owned by these specialists through subsidiary specialist companies. Each specialist will themself determine how much time and energy they want to invest in group activities and our clients. The only demand put upon you is your ability to serve our common clients demand for your services. 

L&F CG Commercialization is one of the eighteen companies who together is L&F CG. 

Every specialist in L&F CG commercialization provides two sets of services. The first and most important is our communal service, commercialization. Commercialization consists of six sequences and handles everything related to marketing, sales, and technology for our clients. These sequences are today; 1) assessment and market development 2) services and service development 3) design and digital presence 4) technical set up 5) sales and sales development and 6) the follow-up. The second service every specialist provides is their original specialty, redesigned, and specialized for our industries, markets, and segments.  

Furthermore, is each and every specialist a participant in our commercialization advisory board. The advisory board are responsible for 1) commercialization for L&F CG 2) assist the administration with matters of great urgency 3) develop a thesis for subjects within commercialization and for L&F CG Research and development to conduct studies on 4) develop best practice criteria for commercialization and the business of the year award 5) adjust and adapt commercialization to be compliant with SDG 2030 and the La Guiáverde certification and 6) elect a president for L&F CG Commercialization

Finally, each specialist will contribute material for 2-3 lectures and a masterclass for their specialty. These lectures will be used for educational purposes towards other specialists within L&F CG commercialization. The masterclass is for our client’s management to enable them to quickly get a grasp on the complexity of our services. 

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