L&F CG Research and Development

L&F CG is a collaboration between different specialists within marketing, sales, and technology. The collaboration´s goal is to enable us to compete for and provide our combined services to the largest and most important clients and business entities within our defined industries, markets, and segments. The project is owned by these specialists through subsidiary specialist companies. Each specialist will themself determine how much time and energy they want to invest in group activities and our clients. The only demand put upon you is your ability to serve our common clients demand your services. 

L&F CG Commercialization is one of the eighteen companies that together are L&F CG. 

The specialists in L&F CG Research and development are doing four processes simultaneously.

  1. Interviewing prospects for the group as a whole on behalf of the business of the year award, the commercialization review journal, the La Guiáverde guide, L&F CG Experience, L&F CG Loyalty, or L&F CG Intelligence. 
  2. Deciding which of our services the prospect is in dire need of. Or in other words, what do we offer the prospect first
  3. Put together the service assessment, the business of the year assessment and the La Guiáverde assessment and the offer, and present it to the prospect
  4. Negotiate and close. No matter the time frame. 

Alas, this is not a job offer or some sort of M&A. This is us, the group, and many specialists, offering you a chance to partake in something big. The offer will show you what we intend to do, how we will execute, workflows, and how we share the spoils. Everything is transparent, what you see is what you get.  Or as one of the specialists so eloquently put it, in it to win it. 

our other Spesialists:

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