Access top tier clients and develop your reputation

Globalization has been a business factor for the last 5-10 years, and there is no doubt that the competition for business and clients are hardening on a day to day basis. Which enforces and multiplies the effect of market structure. Which, by default, is divided in two. Where 20% of providers serve about 50% of the market, this is the top tier providers and top tier, clients. Basically, this is where the money is. The other 80% are in a dog fight for the remaining 50% of the market.

“Accessing the top tier clientele requires a whole lot more than a good service or product.”

LFCG wanted to access the top tier market in the travel, tourism, and leisure market, we wanted to be a global provider, and we wanted to build production alliances with the best service providers outside today’s top tier.

“We wanted to explore production collaboration with any service provider which deems themself a top tier provider, without top tier access today.”

However, we found it quite challenging to do proper outreach to potential assets. We found them difficult to identify, especially in foreign markets. We saw many to be skeptical of our intentions. And we found that many viewed us as a competitor, not a collaborator.

“It is difficult knowing who to trust in a dog eat dog world.”

To resolve our predicament, we decided to go all-in on just one industry and to design complete production modells removing any doubt on; expectations, responsibilities, deadlines, payment, and customer relations.

“One industry, one production model with pre, defined expectations, responsibilities, deadlines, payment for the entire relation.”

After our epiphany, we developed the necessary framework to be a top tier provider, investing heavily in our reputation, research and development, industrial capital, business models, legislative requirements, and all other necessary processes.

“LFCG are designed and developed solely to be a top tier provider in global tourism, travel, and leisure industry. From top to bottom and left to right.”

We went back to some of our potential assets to negotiate a collaboration, and this time we reached an agreement more often than not. This, in turn providing us with a new set of challenges, mainly related to attempted takeovers and buyouts.

“Established competitors identified LFCG as a threat, immediately. And tried to squash it by providing and offer they thought we could not refuse.”

Although tempting, we said no. And today, we are initiating negotiations with 5-10 major clients each week, expecting it to be 20-25 before the end of 2020. We have academic partners all over the world, and we are working near trade fairs and national tourism agencies around the globe. And we are collaborating with a host of marketing, sales and technology companies and specialists all over the world, with some of the most exciting clients in the industry.

“We want your competence for our joint clients.”

Related experience – why it’s for you

Collaborating with some of the best minds in marketing, sales, and technology is a smart move by default. Having access to the latest research, industrial masterclasses, and leading academics while working some of the most interesting business cases in the industry should be a smart business move.

The most common rebuttals we are presented with are; 

  • We have enough to do. 
  • We are content with our current situation. 
  • We don’t want to commit resources to something we don’t own or control.
  • We can do better ourselves. 

First of all, in business, you can always do more. If your schedule is full, great, keep growing, and hire more. Being content can be a strength, however, usually, it’s dangerous, and signals decline. But you do own; you own your company, clients, and brand. The production you do with us is a joint venture; you do not relinquish any control whatsoever. If you can do better yourself, great, go, and do it. But remember we are not competing, so by collaborating with us, you would do even better.

Collaborating with us will make you an industry expert and give you recognition as a leading specialist in your field of expertise. Without compromising your brand anything, you are doing today.

Related experience – We aren’t pitching your services for a fee

There are plenty of digital sites where minor consultant companies can register their services for anyone to buy. At the same time, a small fee is directed back to the operator of the website. Our services are developed and are continuously redeveloped based on the latest A journal research available, together with industry experts, experts from the field, and major clients. We want you to participate in this network as part of the field and or production expert.

The most common rebuttal we are presented with is usually referred from misunderstandings regarding what LFCG is selling and which expectations LFCG has to its assets and production partners. LFCG commercializes tier 1 companies in the travel, tourism, and leisure industry. We have developed a model optimized for industrial needs and wants. Then LFCG engages assets, partners, or collaborators for specialized production purposes. 

Each production business process within our commercialization model is matriculated in its description, expectation, and its terms. We want you to do what you do best, based upon a specification for some really interesting companies.

We believe this is a great opportunity for everyone involved. It allows all participants to work on the cases that provide them with expertise in their field and in the industry as a whole. The travel, tourism and leisure industry counts for about 10% of global production. There is room for you here.

Related experience – What we can achieve together

Your expertise provides LFCG with competence and expertise. LFCG provides your company with industrial expertise and access to tier 1 clients, without you needing tier 1 resources. It is a mutually rewarding relationship by intent and design. And if the relationship isn’t satisfactory, it can be terminated immediately.

The most common rebuttals we encounter are; 

  • Why should we help you grow? 
  • There is not an upside for us.
  • Why don’t you buy us? 

But here is the thing we grow together. This is not a local venture. If you’re good at something, SEO, programmatic, sales, we will invite you in to do projects all over the world. So if we grow, you grow. And since we are already growing, the growing part is quite equal. The upside is that you get to grow while developing your expertise in the field, in the industry, and your companies reputation. 

We have no need for owning you, that is better left to you. However, if you at some later point wishes to sell. We have partners specializing in that aspect of business as well, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

You get to develop your expertise in your field. You get to develop your industrial expertise. You enhance your company’s reputation, enabling you to charge a higher premium in your local market. Yo get to work with as many top tier clients as you have the capacity for. And you get to work globally.

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