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Industry: Real Estate 

Business: Consulting and project development 
Country of origin: GBR 


Organizing BOTY (Business Of The Year)



LFCG is a consultant and project development company in the Real Estate industry.

LFCG works in tandem with several academic institutions to translate the latest available academic research into working business models for real estate companies. 

Those business models that can't be translated to an operational service, is turned into a development project conducted together with our business partners.   



We have found your company in one of our assessments and defined you as a stakeholder to one or more of our services or projects.

Meaning we believe that we have a common interest in developing a professional relationship.



Our expectations for market development in modern Real Estate  
There is the top section which contains 10-20% of the company's, they are experiencing immense growth at rates of 30-40% annually. Then there is the midsection in the market which accounts for about 60% of the companies who are on a small but steady decline.  
And then there is the bottom section, which also accounts for 10-20%. They are basically on their way out and losing. 

Market Development

The modern client in Real Estate
On the left side of the circle, we can find the innovators, early users, and early majority. These companies represent about 50% of the market. Their common traits are knowledge about their needs, ambitions regarding their position in the market, always on the lookout on ways to improve as a company and willingness to pay for the right service. On the right side we find the companies whose common traits are that they buy a service because they have too, they don't really know what they are buying, price is the most important factor, they don't generate added sales and they don't really utilize the service do to a lack of basic understanding of the service.

Client Description


At LFCG, we pride ourselves in developing services and projects streamlined for creating sustainable business growth together with and for our clients and partners.

An LFCG service or project is always developed upon the latest available research (a-journal) and tested upon new technology, global trends such as sustainable and a green shift, local politics, and interviews with people and companies in the industry. 


Any LFCG partner knows their trade to the extent that they can find a way around any obstacle that arises.

All our professionals have unique expertise with the service they provide trough LFCG. Talent is an x-factor in the production which allows LFCG partners and clients to expect a little more and a little bit better than from anyone else.

LFCG will always deliver accordingly to your expectations, what has been promised, and what is possible.

Good or bad, any deviation from terms, progress, or such. Will be communicated in such a way and time that alternative measures can be implemented.

We will dress, act, and behave accordingly to any reasonable expectation any of our stakeholders might have for us.



LFCG has about fifty services by the end of September 2019 an adding 2-5 each month going forward. All our services can be found on our homepage with a correlating information memorandum, articles, podcast and webinar. Our services are always at a fixed price.


  • Marketing and sales 

  • Economy and finance 

  • Legislation

  • Organizational development 

  • Digitalization and proptech 

  • Miscellaneous 



LFCG has 1-5 projects in each business area by the end of September, adding 2-5 new projects in each geographical area LFCG. All our projects can be found on our homepage with a correlating information memorandum, articles, podcast and webinar. Our business projects are developed to the easiest functioning model and funded to the nearest milestone. 

  • Accelerator 

  • Education 

  • Empowerment

  • Exchange 

  • Mad hatter 

  • Research and development 

  • Venture  


At L&F CG we pride ourselves in building services streamlined for creating sustainable business growth.


Our MO (modus operandi) is developing business models that can be implemented in any business within our core markets.

These models come with a basic “plug and play” and easy to use implementation, while at the same time educating our clients in usage and optimization of the service at hand. 


What do we need to improve on?

We need to know where you are at today. Information on how you are organized, what and which resources that are available, your plans, your working processes/routines, activities, data systems, and your ambitions. 

We then insert this information into our modules to build/construct a “roadmap” from where you are today, where you want to go, and a realistic timeline for that to happen.


The rubber meets the asphalt

We will, together with you, our client, set a date for a workshop where all the people that need to understand the topic, and the roadmap are present.

In this workshop, we will highlight the differences between what you do today and what you need to be doing in addition or instead — explaining why that is, and how it should be done in the process. 


A concrete plan for success

After the workshop, we will present you with an action plan on everything that needs to be done and implemented to reach your goals and ambitions.

This action plan includes processes, routines, activities, usage of resources and manuals. It is adjusted to and for your business culture, data systems, and core competence.


Never stop learning

At L&F CG we do extensive research and service development hence our services and projects are constantly developing adding new features and traits.

As a participant of our workshop, your company will have access to all our newest research, services, project and national as well as an international network. L&F CG will also update any relevant features to services already bought.