Prospecting, researching, negotiating, are highly specialized skills

On average, there are two types of consulting agencies. Small and independent providing general services for every market, industry, or segment. Vs. The hyper-specialized, doing complex services for specific parts of an industry, market, or segment. Although the difference in their approach to the marketplace, there is still some common ground. First and foremost, the lack of structured marketing, sales, usage of technology, and subsequently commercialization. There are few and far between those companies who are realizing their full potential.

For the general practitioners, the most common roadblock is that they are missing elements from their services, ensuring their clients have to deal with several suppliers, thus subsequently reducing customer retention, customer lifetime value, and overall business growth.

For the specialist, the challenges begin when they become partners in their respective companies and have to provide the business, not just produce the hours. There is no correlation between being a great accountant, lawyer, or SEO expert, and a great salesperson.

The goal 

Networking, finding the openings, negotiating, and closing deals consists of several highly specialized and valuable skills. We want to make sure L&F CG is the vanguard of any opportunity that arises. So we must ensure that we have the specialists needed and that they can play off each other’s strengths making L&F CG better than any of our competitors.

The challenge 

Finding those individuals is difficult; it is challenging. These specialists have never worked for any of the big consultant agencies. These specialists have spent their days grinding away for small agencies, companies in a nitty-gritty dog eat dog world. They are fighting for every deal, contract, or opening. And quite frankly, they have heard it all before; how this is an excellent service and a game-changer. Their experience is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The Epiphany

To counter their path of bad experiences, we had to develop a system that provided instant gratification. They must experience how much better it is to work with us than without us. How doors into prospects always are open and how our offers are always aligned perfectly with the prospect’s needs. And how negotiation and closing get to be a logical process and not just hardship.

The tools and the process

Our research journal, the commercialization review, provides easy access to almost every decision-maker one can covet. Business Of The Year is another tool where companies in our industries, markets, and segments are nominated for an award. When a company is nominated, someone must follow the nomination. This someone is always the correlating segment specialist from R&D. The same goes for La Guiáverde. Any company vying for a listing will be vetted from the subsequent segment specialist from R&D. Furthermore, any outreach is part of an automated marketing sequence ensuring prospect engagement throughout the whole process. So at any given moment, we can provide any new specialist with enough leads to last them a lifetime. We can assist the specialist and ensure each of those leads are enrolled in an automated process from offer to closing. All they have to do is to be good at their specialty.

The second challenge 

When an offer is made, we must follow through. And with the L&F CG outreach and personalized playbook, it is elementary to build up a massive pipeline. With each new lead more significant and better than the former. Showing restraint is difficult. Turning away big businesses and prospects because they are in the wrong end of the market or industry is another challenge.


L&F CG has within L&F CG Research and Development a team of specialists ranging from prospecting, networking, and negotiating, to closing for each and every segment in our markets and industries. As a group, we are confident we are the vanguard now and that L&F CG Research and development have the necessary tools and know-how to stay just there.

In the process, we also bettered L&F CG Commercialization by providing several specialists for their services sales and sales development. Another win-win situation, alas.

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