Our experience of LFCG was, and is, uncomplicated. What you see is what you get; there are never any hidden costs.

Before we began our collaboration with LFCG, attributes and traits were something we found in our original business plans. The reality is that it was not good enough. It works, but when we see what the potential in doing it “properly,” I must conclude our previous actions were a was a waste of time.

Together with LFCG, we did a workshop where we assessed our brand, company values, personnel, and everything else that we present to our customers. Then we assessed our history, the company’s history, the market we are in today. Everything was done in plenary, with different matrices that included every trait and attribute we could find.

We took excerpts of different customer lists, uploaded them into a LFCG computer system. Using different algorithms they found what and which clients had chosen us because we were the best, and who had chosen us because they just needed something fixed.

Next was an exercise where we went through which clients we really wanted before the same prospects were uploaded into a new computer system and we got clear profiles on which traits and attributes they would like from their suppliers.

After the workshop, we left with a really good overview of which customers had chosen us because we are who we are and exactly what they like about us.

We now had a long list of new clients and knew what they were looking for in terms of services and what type of company they were most likely to work with. This way we could innovate our company to get these new clients.

We also receive continuous updates on changes that we should consider. Sometimes there are changes in customer lists, but usually, there are updates or recommendations of new technology that we should look at.

Dave Eriksen – CEO
The ELITE Company 

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