The future of sales and marketing is digital and automated!

Utilizing social media and new technology, any business can find and engage any business of their liking. This can be done with technology, which is commercially available for anyone to purchase today. Meaning your carefully developed network is soon obsolete. Today I can find and engage and develop a relation to absolutely anyone I want. And just to hammer it home, that means your best customers, clients, and their advisors

Rebuttals we encounter regularly; My clients love me. Our relationship transcends a mere business relation. We have been doing business together for more than twenty years. And you might be right, you and your client are an item to close to breakup. But the fact that I’m able to intrude into your relationship to the extent where you have to consider me a rival should be a warning.

There are two ways to embrace the future of sales, marketing, and technology, or commercialization as we call it. You can see it as an investment opportunity. This is where new segments are identified, new markets developed, and growth created. Or you can say it’s not for us; we will wait until everyone is onboard, see it as a necessary cost and implement it to stay competitive when we have to. 

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