Commercialization and growth is the yin and yang of business development

If you let us do the whole commercialization process, from assessment and market development to the follow up. We believe you will achieve a growth in sales near 30-40% annually.

If you have a new service or product you want to bring to the market, and you leave it to us to commercialize it, the output will be 5 times the input.

Alas, we can do the whole commercialization process for you, we can guide you through the commercialization process or you can pick off all our best parts and utilize them as you wish.

First and foremost we need to describe your product or service. There is no chance that anyone will pay a premium for a service or product they don’t understand 100%. You can never assume that anyone knows your service or product 100%. So, by default, a lack of service description immediately reduces the overall value of your product or service, a lot. This description must include both physical, visual and emotional traits. These traits will later be the foundation for all and every marketing activity we do.

When we have a sufficient and working description of the service or product, containing all the physical, emotional and visual traits. We will produce a digital and printable description version of the service or product. At this point, we must add the first design element for marketing purposes. It is important that the design is aligned with the brand book, if you don’t have a brand book, this is where it will be produced.   

Given this description, we will, together with our client, define the market, the niche, and the segment. To help us with the necessary definitions, we will utilize a matrix we have developed for just that purpose. At this point, we know what attributes your service or product contains and we know which attributes your market wants. If we need to add traits, we will do so here, aligned with relevant elements from your brand book. We will also decide which marketing platforms to use. In computer terms, this is where we start working with big data and artificial intelligence. 

First we “buy” the market. Meaning we will buy the necessary market data so we know exactly who we are talking to and where to find them. After that, it’s time to put the service or product “out there.” We will upload the service description to all your digital media. We will also design and produce pain point articles, videos and podcasts to go with the description. These media elements are specially made for your own platforms and not proactive publishing like digital media, tv or other alternatives. At this point, we will, together with our client decide upon any PR activities related to the service or any need for lobbying

If PR is necessary we will at this point define all stakeholders, their needs and where to find them. And produce any necessary material, digital, and print, to ensure all our client’s needs are covered. Then we will actively “plug” this communication in and on those channels we know the stakeholders are at. 

And likewise, if our client needs a particular collaboration partner, political pull or any other stakeholder to get firmly behind the service, product or project. We will design and implement all the communication necessary to get the support needed. We will also assist our client physically when called upon. 

The next step is producing campaigns, this will depend on what channel that has been chosen. It can be anything from emails via Facebook, Google, and radio to tv, DM and cinema. Or a combination of all or some above. For the advanced marketer, this is where we produce most of the content such as pictures, text, video, podcasts, testimonials, case studies, competitions (for the future,) which pixels to use, what kind of prospect tracking to use, keywords to use, SEO, associated conversion and so on. 

Then, finally, we will get you your customers. One by one, from the innovator and early user to the early majority. In general, our recommendation is to start redeveloping the service or product before you enter the late majority in your segment. This will allow you to sell a version 2.0 to your advanced users at the same time as you are cashing in on the late majority and laggards.  

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